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Dear Maya,

I want to react on the letter N. N. published on your site. I am her boyfriend Peter and i am Dutch. She describes our relation in a way that i get tears in my eyes. We have found true love. And it all started with a typing error. I was looking for the girlfriend of my best friend and i mistyped the icqnumber. I asked Nadya if she wanted to chat and after three days i received response. She told me she had just been to holland. That was all. I wrote her e-mail and told her i wanted to get to know her better, because i wanted to chat with people from abroad. I recently divorced and i was a bit lonely. After two weeks we started chatting and we began to feel something for eachother.

In the beginning we both started out to think it would only be chat.

But we noticed great similarity on opinions, thoughts and wishes in life. We often typed same questions on same moment or answer questions before the otherone asked the question. We felt mental connection.

After few weeks i asked her if she would like to meet me. And she agreed. We decided on Warschau (neutral territory) And this was the first weekend in years, or even my life, i was totally happy! We clicked right away. We spend three days in Warschau and separation on airport was heartbreaking. After a week we decided Nadya would come to Holland for a month, as a sort of final test. because living together for a longer time is best way to find out if you really are made for eachother. It was great. We both felt very relaxed and happy. My children accepted her rightaway, which is rather special. You often hear about new relations breaking up because children do not accept new lover. In this case my daughter emma, 10 years old, wants her to come as much as i wish. My sun Rob, 13 years old, is a normal boy. He likes but it is not something he really speaks out about. After her departure to Minsk again, we both felt like a part of our body had died. We send sms with exact same text in exact same moment. Not once, but several times. We go on internet on nonspecified times to find out the other one is also connecting in the very same moment. I care for her and her daughter. I feel like her daughter is allready my new daughter. I am very worried if i do not hear from her couple of hours. It is not blind love, it is allready a sort of deeper love that you reach after many years. The need to protect, care, love... being unable to be separated.

We are now in MVV procedure,and every day is one too many. Friends say i have changed. I look happy for first time in many years. Nadya has accompliced that. She makes me feel LOVED. That is what any man needs.

To know that the woman HE loves, LOVES him too. She has many little gestures and things she does, that make me love her madly. A little stroke through the hair, a little kiss, coffee when you think about making it, suggestion to walk on beach just when you need to express love.... It is wonderfull. We both know our life will be difficult in the beginning. Peoples reactions will be negative. Because they will not understand why a dutchman needs to take a russian bride. But dutch woman are so self assured, they do not take a man into consideration.

if a dutchman is bringing flowers or writes a poem he is a softy, if he does not he is coldhearted. You can never do it right. Russian woman are very warm, and caring, with an eye for detail. They know what a man needs and as a result the man gets confident and returns the attention and can be a good husband and lover. Dutchman are not known for their great lovingcapabilities, but i bet they are more reliable then the italian casanova or the spanish macho. And if you let them, they will prove their love to you and they will be a partner for life! Maybe i am not a typical dutchman. I show emotions easily and talk about feelings without any problem. I am no macho, but no softy either. Nadya told me there are many bad stories on dutchman, and i believe her. It might be true, but you have to be carefull with sterotypes. Not all russian man are drunks and not all italians are great lovers. And even so not all dutchman are cold, not caring or unemotional. I hope you will put this reaction on your site to show people true internet love exists!

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